Case Studies

Read through our case studies from small businesses and organisations and find out how we have helped them achieve eCommerce success and how we can help you achieve similar results.

Absolute Skin

Absolute Skin, an online skin care and beauty retailer specialising in salon-branded products, was relatively new to the online market and needed an efficient, cost-effective online payment solution. Learn how eWAY helped Absolute Skin grow.

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Australian Menopause Centre


The Australian Menopause Centre is a medical company in which 99% of contact with clients takes place over the phone. The centre was manually processing all payments and was looking for a more effective, automated payment solution. Learn how eWAY helped the centre automate all their payments.

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Box Fresh


Box Fresh, a high-end delivery service for fresh produce and groceries, was a start up business with no experience of online payments systems. Learn how eWAY helped Box Fresh get online and grow their business.

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Downunder Pilot Shop


A leading provider of equipment for pilots and flying fans alike, Downunder Pilot starting selling online in Australia wanted to expand into New Zealand. Learn how eWAY helped Downunder Pilot grow overseas.

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Elmore Music


Elmore Music, a provider of online guitar lessons, wanted to expand and increase sales. Learn how eWAY's payment solutions helped Elmore Music increased their sales revenue.

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Flexi Flats


Flexi Flats was a start-up business which offered Australian women a fashionable, affordable and practical solution to the problem of high-heel sore feet. Learn how eWAY helped get Flexiflats online faster.

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Jing Tea


Jing Tea, who specialises in natural tea products, discovered the limitations to their payment system as they grew. Learn how eWAY met all Jing Tea’s increasing needs and helped the business become a leading online store.

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Spendless began trading as a discount cinema ticket agent and has grown into a preeminent supplier of goods and services to corporate customers. Spendless were looking for ways to expand further, and they needed a reliable, affordable payment gateway. Learn how eWAY helped Spendless grow.

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