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Matt Bullock is quickly becoming the biggest name in the online payments industry. As CEO and founder of eWAY® with 14 years experience as a global leader in eCommerce, Matt is shaking up the market with innovative payment solutions that the world has never seen. 

When the Internet was born, Matt immediately saw its potential to revolutionise the way businesses accept payments. As the online payments industry grew, Matt started looking for a new, improved way to process credit and debit cards. It wasn't long before eWAY came into being and changed the world. 

Matt is always a step ahead of the market's needs. The growth in online storefronts and eCommerce has been enormous, but it can always be improved. There is always more to offer. Today, Matt is still changing the way the world thinks about online transactions. The launch of Beagle Alerts, eWAY's industry-leading fraud prevention solution, is just the beginning. 

With his unshaken drive for helping SME's get started online, Matt Bullock continues to develop eWAY and the payment technology that powers its success.


In addition to the many accolades earned by eWAY, Matt personally has won the Industry Recognition Award at the 2010 Online Retailer Conference and been a finalist for BRW Entrepreneur of the Year. As Chief Executive Officer and owner of eWAY, his determination leads the company from strength to strength.


As an internationally successful entrepreneur, Matt Bullock is defined by his ambition and his innate understanding of eCommerce.

"I really enjoy what I do. The biggest thing driving me is not cash, it's success. What drives me is looking at my business and being proud of it – and I'm pretty damn proud."
Matt Bullock

eWAY CEO and Founder

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