Advanced technology

Safety and uptime are paramount to the success of any eCommerce business. This is why we invest in the highest levels of security and services available, ensuring the reliability of our network. eWAY® has partnered with other IT industry leaders to provide a robust environment capable of delivering superior payment gateway processing. 

Global infrastructure

Thanks to our multiple data centres in various cities, we can keep processing online payments even in the case of local blackouts or other network disruptions. Data is replicated across all sites, ensuring that your customer information is never lost.

Clustered web architecture

eWAY maintains backups of our backups. Thanks to the duplicates of every device within our environment, if one system fails, there is always another on hand to divert traffic and data. This sustains our industry-leading uptime.

VeriSign DNS

For security and reliability, it's essential that transaction data is always sent to the correct Domain Name Servers. eWAY partners with VeriSign to ensure Internet traffic passing to the eWAY payment gateway is always routed to the correct location within our environment.

VeriSign is the world leader in DNS assurance, guaranteeing 100% uptime and geographic redundancy on their system. VeriSign controls the backbone of the Internet (.com and .net domains) and delivers superior speed and performance for our DNS requirements.

eWAY Technology

Premium hosting partner

Our mission-critical hosting partner, Macquarie Telecom, is responsible for keeping our website and our payment gateway online 24/7. This enables you to accept credit cards from all over the world even while you sleep.

State-of-the-art encryption

Securing your website with a recognised SSL certificate protects your customers' information and increases consumer confidence and trust. Our Platinum Partnerships with Symantec, thawte and GeoTrust, the world's leading SSL providers, allow us to offer globally-recognised SSL certificates at a fraction of their retail prices.

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