API – All Products Included

eWAY's API is the whole shebang! All the most popular payment solutions are included and are now even easier to integrate. More technologies. More options.

Mobile-optimised payments for all devices

Rapid 3.1 Transparent Redirect & Direct Connection

We've made it even easier for you to integrate eWAY with your client's websites. eWAY's Rapid 3.1 API is our all-in-one solution with advanced fraud prevention, transparent redirect and direct connection. Create perfectly rendered payment pages on all devices, including customised themes, anti-fraud and verification tools and more. Using one endpoint worldwide, your first integration will be your only integration.

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Rapid 3.1 Responsive Hosted (Shared) Payments

The Responsive Shared Page allows you to authenticate with the gateway server-side, but have the customer transferred to an eWAY hosted, responsive page for accepting the card details.

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Shared Payments
MYeWAY: Sandbox

Testing all APIs

eWAY's APIs can be tested by activating your Sandbox Test Account through your Partner Portal. Need to test a variety of technologies? No problem! Sandbox supports multiple APIs and technologies.

Recurring payments

Perfect for installment or subscription payments, eWAY’s Recurring Payments product automatically bills cardholders on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Recurring payments
Token Payments

Token Payments

eWAY can generate a numeric token to represent each credit card with Token Payments. This allows returning customers to log in to a merchant’s website and make purchases without having to re-enter their billing details. For merchants with multiple accounts under one legal business entity, eWAY can generate shared customer tokens across your different websites. 

Beagle Suite

Beagle Fraud Alerts Enterprise offers your clients greater control over their transactions with ReD's fraud prevention technology. (Included with Rapid 3.0 transparent redirect)

Beagle Fraud Alerts (Coming Soon) allows you to monitor your online traffic to detect fraudulent activity by matching your customer against ReDs Global Database.

Beagle ID allows you to control how your business is labelled on the customer's credit card statement, reducing confusion and chargebacks. 

Direct Payments
3-D Secure

3-D Secure

3-D Secure is a product providing an additional layer of security to Australian merchants by redirecting customers to a page hosted by their bank which requests a PIN.


eWAY merchants can process refunds directly through their shopping cart or application, if it is integrated with our XML refunds gateway.

Stored Payments

Stored Payments (XML)

The Stored Payments (XML) solution makes it possible for merchants to take the billing details on their own payment page and safely store them until the transaction is processed at a later date. 

Stored Payments (Shared)

Stored Payments (Shared) is a product enabling merchants to take the billing details on a page that is hosted and secured by eWAY, without processing the transaction until later.

Stored (Shared) Payments


PreAuth enables merchants to reserve funds on a customer’s card without charging it until the transaction is later confirmed.

Query Service

eWAY’s Query Service allows shopping carts or applications to retrieve the status of any transaction processed within the last 24 hours.

Query Service