Rapid 3.1 - One integration, all solutions

eWAY's Rapid 3.1 API includes Responsive Hosted Payments, redirecting customers to a hosted payment page displaying a custom theme and responsive design to cater for the particular device used by each customer. Merchants have complete control over the look and feel of the payment pages while reducing the scope for PCI DSS compliance with all credit card data capture on the eWAY-hosted page.

Download the security review of Rapid 3.1 from BAE Systems Detica, an external qualified security assessor (QSA).

Try our Responsive Hosted Shared page demo

Mobile-optimised payments for all devices

What's new in Rapid 3.1?

Settlement Reports - conduct programmatic reconciliation to ensure account figures are accurate.
Client-side encryption
- auto-encrypt customer credit card details through a simple script that is added to the merchant payment form. Take advantage of direct payment benefits, without the need to maintain PCI DSS compliance. The customer securely completes the entire transaction on the merchant’s site - no redirect needed.
Responsive Hosted Payments
- create custom payment pages based on responsive design principles to ensure customers on various devices are presented with a seamless checkout experience.
Refund Capability - save time implementing one API instead of two, refunds can be processed within your own application system.
Transaction types - support for Purchase, MOTO or Recurring transaction types to allow for transactions where the CVN or 3-D Secure password may not be entered.
Beagle Verify - send a phone, SMS or email alert to your customer at checkout to verify their identity.
Direct Connection - merchants with a certified PCI-DSS compliant environment can request access to a server-side connection to the eWAY payment platform.

Linking to eWAY

Sample code is available from within MYeWAY, along with many other resources for our development partners. Register for free today! 

Transparent Redirect

eWAY's Rapid 3.1 transparent redirect API offers complete control over the look and feel of your payment pages while reducing the merchant's scope for PCI DSS compliance. For enhanced security, you can POST credit card data directly from the customer's web browser to eWAY, bypassing the merchant's website.

Beagle Fraud Alerts, Beagle Fraud Alerts Enterprise and Beagle Verify Integration

Payments sent through the Rapid 3.1 API are able to leverage the Beagle system, and for those with the service enabled, also through the Beagle Alerts system (powered by ReD).

Using ReD's vast neural network of transaction data from around the globe allows eWAY to validate the transaction against a broad range of risk factors.

Token Payments Integration

eWAY's Rapid 3.1 API is also integrated into our Token Payments solution, allowing you to save your customers payment information for use on any future purchases. Through Token Payments, you can Create Tokens, update Tokens, and Process Payments for existing tokens.

Single Endpoint

eWAY's Rapid 3.1 API provides a single end point for all countries where eWAY processes payments. This means if you expand your business beyond Australia, the integration will be exactly the same.

eWAY uses a complex DNS technology to ensure your payment is routed to the correct country.

To call the above methods, several fields will need to be specified in the transaction request. 

Process Payment example

Create Access Code

"Payment": {
"TotalAmount": 100
"RedirectUrl": "https://www.domain.com.au/results"

Process Card:

<form method="post" action="https://api.ewaypayments.com/Process">
<input name="EWAY_CARDNAME" type="text" value="John Smith" />
<input name="EWAY_CARDNUMBER" type="text" value="4444333322221111" />
<input name="EWAY_CARDEXPIRYMONTH" type="text" value="01" />
<input name="EWAY_CARDEXPIRYYEAR" type="text" value="18" />
<input type="hidden" name="EWAY_ACCESSCODE" value="{ACCESS_CODE}" />