Response Codes

Upon completion of a transaction, our payment gateway will send a two-digit response code back to your website, indicating whether or not the transaction was processed successfully. You can use these codes to dictate what your site displays to your customers (e.g. a page that reads, "Thank you for your payment" or "Your transaction could not be processed".)

Please note that some of these response codes are designed for in-person transactions, and do not apply to online payments.

Response Code Response Text Result
00 Transaction Approved approved
01 Refer to Issuer
02 Refer to Issuer, special
03 No Merchant
04 Pick Up Card
05 Do Not Honour
06 Error
07 Pick Up Card, Special
08 Honour With Identification approved
09 Request In Progress
10 Approved For Partial Amount approved
11 Approved, VIP approved
12 Invalid Transaction
13 Invalid Amount
14 Invalid Card Number
15 No Issuer
16 Approved, Update Track 3 approved
19 Re-enter Last Transaction
21 No Action Taken
22 Suspected Malfunction
23 Unacceptable Transaction Fee
25 Unable to Locate Record On File
30 Format Error
31 Bank Not Supported By Switch
33 Expired Card, Capture
34 Suspected Fraud, Retain Card
35 Card Acceptor, Contact Acquirer, Retain Card
36 Restricted Card, Retain Card
37 Contact Acquirer Security Department, Retain Card
38 PIN Tries Exceeded, Capture
39 No Credit Account
40 Function Not Supported
41 Lost Card
42 No Universal Account
43 Stolen Card
44 No Investment Account
51 Insufficient Funds
52 No Cheque Account
53 No Savings Account
54 Expired Card
55 Incorrect PIN
56 No Card Record
57 Function Not Permitted to Cardholder
58 Function Not Permitted to Terminal
59 Suspected Fraud
60 Acceptor Contact Acquirer
61 Exceeds Withdrawal Limit
62 Restricted Card
63 Security Violation
64 Original Amount Incorrect
66 Acceptor Contact Acquirer, Security
67 Capture Card
75 PIN Tries Exceeded
82 CVV Validation Error
90 Cutoff In Progress
91 Card Issuer Unavailable
92 Unable To Route Transaction
93 Cannot Complete, Violation Of The Law
94 Duplicate Transaction
96 System Error