It's easy to sell more with eWAY and PayPal

More than 90% of online shoppers pay by credit card through a payment gateway or PayPal. We'll show all your payments including PayPal sales in MYeWAY making reconciling your accounts easy.

Paypal has been critical in opening up our service to change makers around the world, but the addition of direct credit card payments gives ventures and their supporters another payment option to increase their confidence and comfort level.
Tom Dawkins

Jeff Bonnes, Founder - Find A Babysitter

Kirilee Tilyard - Nestling

nestling logo

Kirilee Tilyard

"We wanted to allow our customers to pay directly by credit card, by using the Rapid 3.1 Solution we have given them choice of credit cards and PayPal, eWAY made it so simple."

It is also a low cost option, with the added bonus that we see the payments and reporting straight away.

Two payment solutions in one

We have heard your pain - running two payment options at once can be tricky and time consuming - at eWAY we've made it easy!

  • Get your API Key from Paypal
  • Start taking payments via credit card & PayPal
  • Reconcile all of your payments via MYeWAY
  • Increase sales with more payment options
  • It's really that easy!


How does it work?

It's easy to start selling more with eWAY's online credit card processing and PayPal payments together. Simply use our new hosted payment page, pick from 14 page themes, add in your business PayPal account details and you're ready to go.

Available with eWAY's Rapid 3.1 payment solution.

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Thomas Burford MD logo

Thomas Burford
Managing Director 

"I was tired of losing sales and needed a simple alternative which would 'plug in' to my existing systems. Now I can accept both eWAY and PayPal payment types with ease"

eWAY responded very quickly to my enquiry and the price was right so I chose them. Setup was also incredibly fast - so far so good.
Paul J Noble

Paul Noble
Paul J Noble - Interactive Design

"eWAY's focus means when you call you won't get transferred a dozen times to the right department..."

Plus their integration guide is written for developers and clients will appreciate that the pricing scales with their business.

James Thomas Owner and Lead Developer, Spinsoft

"We advise our clients to use eWAY as an alternative to PayPal. We originally investigated other options including SecurePay, but they had some issues that they weren't willing to fix, and overall we found the eWAY Rapid 3.1 API to be a better product, now clients can accept credit card payments and Paypal. We found eWAY and liked the way the checkout was handled, particularly in relation to PCI-DSS compliance."

"We also had the privilege of communicating with the eWAY developers, who were very receptive to our ideas and came out with great improvements to the Rapid API."

Spinsoft Logo

Nicole Vains Owner and Director, LUXE by Lulu

"We've received specific feedback from customers that had bought from the site using PayPal and now say the process is so much easier."

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