Supre Takes the eWAY to Online Shopping

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When Supre revamped its website to capitalise on the popularity of online shopping, a suitable credit card payment gateway was required. The company, one of Australia’s largest fashion retailers, first started an online store about a decade ago. In 2009, it identified the need for a new website to complement the brand, improve customer experience and to integrate into the back-end administration procedures. To oversee the restructure of its website, it partnered with the Sydney-based digital design agency Amblique. went live in November 2009. “We were only doing very small sales on our existing website and running it out of one of our flagship stores,” Supre international brand manager Catherine Taouk said. “We realised the need to create a larger-scale site and wondered how we could possibly maximise and capitalise on the growth of online shopping.” Amblique advised the retailer to change to a payment gateway with more cost-effective prices once online sales increased to more than 650 transactions a day.

“With eWAY, the additional functionality, the ease of integration and cost competitiveness of the service was a key criteria for moving across to it,” Amblique managing director Justus Wilde said. “That has been pretty important to Supre because volumes have significantly increased.”

Supre has 165 retail stores in Australia and New Zealand with a target market of 12 to 35-year-olds. It has several thousand staff, including retail and manufacturing, with 60 per cent of garments produced locally and the rest in China. Supre’s online store allows the company to access customers globally, as well as where it has no shopfronts, such as in South-East Asia. The online store has a target market of 18 to 45-year-olds, with most sales coming from Australia and NZ followed by Singapore and Malaysia.

Amblique worked directly with eWAY to integrate its software into the website. The eWAY gateway ensures customer details are securely transmitted. By outsourcing the payment transaction component of each sale to eWAY, Supre also ensured it did not have the extra responsibility of storing and protecting its customers’ credit card details. As eWAY’s technology is completely automated, all purchases and refunds are processed in real-time. The revamped website is not only more cohesive with the brand’s reputation of broad fashion ranges at affordable prices, but also easier to navigate. The company can quickly and securely accept online purchases from around the world at any time. Customers are able to see quick turnaround from order, payment, distribution and postage, thus encouraging repeat purchases.

Ms Taouk said the development cost for the project was about $50,000, but there was ongoing work on the site. “eWAY’s cost structure for the site is a low flat-rate per transaction and a yearly access fee,” she said. Supre’s website sells about 40,000 to 45,000 garments a month. There are about 10,000 transactions each month. Compared to November 2009, Supre Online also received twice as many site visits in November last year. Ms Taouk said in the next three years the company planned to at least quadruple transaction volume. Its current export total was 20 per cent and growing. 

 “We have forecasted, particularly with mobile commerce, to quadruple, even tenfold, the site,” she said. “At this stage, it is a great opportunity for us to get into new markets.”