eWAY adds to NetSuite payment options

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iTWire — 1 November 2013 Canberra-based payment gateway provider eWAY has joined NetSuite’s SuitePayments program, providing NetSuite customers with an additional option when selecting a payments provider. eWAY has also significantly accelerated the process of obtaining a merchant account.

NetSuite users can now collect payment from their customers in real time via the eWAY payment gateway.

The gateway service fits in with NetSuite’s omnichannel approach, supporting payments for purchases made online or by phone, fax or mail.

“When it comes to payments, NetSuite recognises that organisations in Australia want to work with other local organisations that understand the local market, can support their particular needs and are available during their business hours,” said NetSuite managing director for APAC and Japan Mark Troselj.

“By partnering with eWAY, we continue to strengthen the NetSuite SuiteCommerce platform for local customers and demonstrate our commitment to the Australian retail sector.”

“We can now offer businesses a much faster payment processing service with eWAY, which will really help them offer a better experience to their customers.”

eWAY founder and managing director Matt Bullock said setting up a merchant account via a bank usually takes about four weeks, but eWAY can now do it in four days and is aiming to reduce that to four hours during 2014.

“Talking to the banks, gaining approvals and completing their forms is a painful process,” he said.

“As a one stop shop for merchants, eWAY makes this process much faster and easier,” Mr Bullock said.

Longer term, he wants to make it practically instantaneous by moving to a system where eWAY can provide provisional approval ahead of detailed processing.

Mr Bullock also pointed out that the eWAY gateway now allows customers to choose to pay for a purchase by credit card or PayPal.

“We’ll do both for you,” he said, adding that in a few weeks merchants will be able to see both types of transaction in a single report.

Experience shows that accepting cards and PayPal leads to increased sales, Mr Bullock claimed, even though PayPal customers can fund their purchases from a credit card.

In one case, a business tripled its revenue by accepting both types of payment, he said.

“For a lot of merchants, it’ll change their life.”

Stephen Withers