What 23 Australian Bosses Learned From Their First Jobs

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Our first jobs can teach us a lot.

They’re our first taste of hard work where we learn about commitment, perseverance and team work, and they often spark our inspiration and confidence.

Whether washing cars or working at Maccas, everyone has to start somewhere and most of the time it’s not pretty.

Business Insider has asked some of Australia’s bosses to find out where it all started for them and whether they have carried any lessons with them through life from that very first job.

Here they are.

Matt Bullock, Founder and CEO of eWAY, was a programmer when he was 16.

I was a programmer at CSIRO who wrote basic code on an Apple 2E which helped guide visitors at the CSIRO Parkes Telescope dish on a journey through the solar system. I learnt a lot at my time there, but something that stuck with me right from the get-go was that Apple computers are cool!