The Importance Of Being Flexible

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Flexibility is not an opinion in the modern workplace. It is a necessity.

Whether it be in relation to taking leave, staff responsibilities or workplace locations, flexibility gives businesses opportunities to attract and retain talent, and move quickly in a competitive world.

We spoke to 12 small business founders who all agreed that flexibility give employees more freedom and accountability, which in turn increases productivity and efficiency.

Here’s what they had to say.

Flexibility is the new norm.

Matt Bullock, Founder and CEO, eWAY

Some believe that ‘real’ companies have a strategic plans which they follow, however I believe a flexible entrepreneur who can switch gears has a better chance of success. This includes many aspects such as responding to customers, to the market conditions and to competitive influences. In fact, being fast in failing and fast in changing strategy is one of the biggest advantages we have over larger competitors. Flexibility is the new norm. The idea of continuous improvement exists daily in eWAY. We listen to customers, partners and staff to make the changes, roll them out, listen again and repeat. Flexibility in all matters is important in small businesses. This includes a roll up your sleeves and muck in attitude from everyone, CEO to trainee.

As a SaaS business opportunities can be won or lost in a matter of minutes. Having employees who can access their work from anywhere, at any time means we can be more responsive. This is the DNA we expect in staff. This approach includes people. I believe it is a disservice to all parties to continue an employment arrangement when the person is not happy or achieving in their role. This includes not just new hires. It extends to those we have had in the company for a long time. Sometimes employee retention and longevity holds back a company. Flexibility means mixing people up in roles where their heads don’t get stuck in one way street and they can use their eyes in a fresh situation. If not help them find a place somewhere else that they can be happy.