What Entrepreneurs Are Doing For Staff Christmas Parties

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The silly season has arrived in Australia and for companies all around the country it’s time for the office Christmas party.

Whether your company goes the whole hog with a themed party or for a more laid back approach with some beers and a BBQ, it’s generally a great time to catch up with co-workers, look back at the year, get a break from the standard work environment.

This year we asked successful entrepreneurs what they were doing for their teams to celebrate the festive holiday.

From jet boat rides, treasure hunts, dress ups and DIY card making (yes really), here are how these entrepreneurs will be showing their appreciation to their teams for their hard work throughout the year.

Matt Bullock, founder and CEO of eWAY is keeping his staff Christmas party a surprise.

“I love the Christmas and summer holidays as it provides an opportunity for the whole team to take a break and reinvigorate for the year ahead.

Every year we decorate our office on 1 December. We’ve got our Christmas party on the 12th this year the and we don’t want to give too much away because it’s a surprise for the staff!

However, last year we ran a Spring Carnival themed party where our staff bet on eWAY themed horses that were matched to actual race day replays. Everyone dressed in race themed outfits and we gave out prizes for the best dressed people. One of our staff member is a also professional magician and he did a great performance piece using original compositions!”