Executives share how business process changed in their career

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Clear, well-thought-out business processes can be the difference between the success or failure of a company.

The executives behind this plan then must ensure that their decisions are targeted, direct and well-instructed.

But above all they must ensure the processes remain relevant and are a help rather than a hindrance to productivity and creativity.

New goals, technologies and thinking, all impact business process within a company, and so leaders must be vigilant to ensure their plan is up-to-date in order to be successful.

As a company matures, too, its business processes need to evolve. To get some insights into the field, Business Insider spoke to some successful Australian executives about the evolution of their own processes.

Matt Bullock, founder and CEO of eWAY

Matt Bullock in front of 'Never Never Give Up' writing on wall

You have to walk the talk with process. We tell our online merchants to focus on identifying and removing the friction when a customer is doing business with them. We use the same philosophy with the way we serve our merchants, our customer services and sales processes are optimised to remove all friction and our staff are 100% dedicated to this.

The second thing I’d say is to keep it simple but flexible. Ask your managers and staff for their help, to find two things each week that improve your processes they are after all at the forefront of customer interaction and service. They will also appreciate being part of the solution and remember that process excellence is a journey not a destination.