Choosing an Australian Payment Gateway

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Selecting the right payment gateway for your eCommerce or payment form can be hard. We make the choice slightly easier by supporting Australian payment gateways, eWAY and Pin Payments.

When creating your next eCommerce or donation website you will be faced with the choice of integrating a payment gateway. We love to support local products; so we trust and recommend eWAY and Pin Payments and have integrated these payment gateways into our payment modules. With experience implementing other payment gateways such as PayPal,PayWay (by WestPac) and SecurePay (by Australia Post), please don’t hesitate to ask us for costs involved for them.

Do you want customers to enter their payment details directly on your site?

When we integrate payment gateways, it’s important for us to know how you wish for the customer to provide their payment details; payments via your website, or payments handled on the payment gateway.

Payment form on your website sent directly to the payment gateway

Your customer will type their card details into a form on your website and these details are sent to the payment gateway to process and store the card details. Choosing this method requires that your website has an SSL certificate to keep your customers’ details safe. Pin Payments and eWAY both provide solutions for this method.

Redirect to a hosted payment page

This method is the alternative and preferred solution for the most secure way of processing customer card details. The customer would be redirected to a page on the payment gateway when payment is required and once the payment is successful would be redirected back to your website. eWAY provides a mobile responsive and customisable interface with an option to process PayPal payments as well; this is called the Responsive Shared Page. This method doesn’t require an SSL certificate on your website, however with added benefits of SSL we strongly recommend that you do.

Overview of fees

If you already have a shop front, it’s likely you will already have a merchant account with your bank. Larger merchants can typically save money by having your own merchant account, if this is the case, eWAY would be higher on your list. eWAY offers a few more transaction pricing options for those with existing bank merchant accounts and also solutions to take card swipe/tap payments in person with a point of sale facility. For smaller businesses or startups without merchant accounts, both eWAY and Pin Payments offer their own merchant facility where you will be charged a percentage per transaction rate, which is typically higher for low volume transaction businesses.

One thing you will also need to be aware of is chargeback fees in the case of a disputed transaction, Pin Payments at this time will charge an admin fee for funds successfully returned to the cardholder. As also mentioned earlier, eWAY also can process PayPal transactions without needing us to create a separate payment gateway for your website. To enable this for online transactions with your website, you must use the eWAY Responsive Shared Page.

In Summary

Choosing the right payment gateway is a must for taking payments from your website on eCommerce and donation websites. We provide eWAY and Pin Payments integrations with our modules so what you need to consider is the fee structure that is right for your business. eWAY has a few more solutions that include small and larger businesses, while Pin Payments is a local product with a merchant facility ready for you to use.