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My Jewellery Shop Online

Only trading for a little over a year now, Maria Pomella – founder of My Jewellery Shop Online – has already grown her business be fully self-sustaining, allowing her to focus on growth. 

“Creating an ​online eCommerce store is easy and let’s face it anyone can do it.  Doing it well is important and that is why I call myself a click and mortar store.  You need to ensure you consider all aspects, know who your target is, select the right stock, and get noticed via branding”.  


“With all that in ​mind, you need to work on the user experience.  When you’ve got ​customers to your online shop you need to keep them shopping and of course buying.  For me this meant my 3-click policy.  I need to ensure that if they are in buying mode the process to do so is simple.  Finding the right web add-on like one-click checkout and having e​WAY process my credit card transactions was not negotiable.

“Choosing the right partners is important, as in a small business time is money. Having them will make life easier, and you can concentrate on making sales.”

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Here’s What Makes it Work

eWAY and Amex   

Be Different!

“I start with knowing what makes me
the best, and different”

eWAY and Amex   


“​I know my target audience, to the point
I have written up a story of what she is.”

eWAY and Amex   


“Once you know your customers well,
picking the right stock is a lot easier.”

eWAY - easily reconcile invoices   


“Shop your site as a customer, not a creator. ​After that,
you can focus on ways to improve that will set you apart.”

eWAY - streamline with Xero   


“​Choose the right partners! In a small business when
time is money, having them will make your life a lot easier –
and you can concentrate on sales.”

support from real humans - eWAY   


“My business has grown a lot through social media. My
Instagram hit is about 10K, it’s a great way to connect.”

My Jewellery Shop Online Necklace - eWAY

You need to ensure you consider all aspects- know who your target is, choose the right stock, and get noticed via branding.

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