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Asia Pacific Direct is an organisation which focuses on web designing as well as telecommunication and outsourcing. They offer three different software designing packages. The APD shopping cart is offered in Asia Pacific Direct’s platinum web design package and is used by all sorts of businesses. This range from pilot training businesses to those leasing jumping castles.

The APD shopping cart will allow you to customise your website through a secure administrative tools. You’ll be able to modify product pages and perform all the tasks of an administrator.

Why use APD Cart?

The APD cart is great if you’re just looking for a simple shopping cart and web hosting services. it comes with all the basic tools shopping carts will require such as:

  • unlimited product display

  • one-on-one consulting sessions

  • WYSIWYG functionality

This shopping cart is great for small specific businesses and offer all the basic tools you’ll need to start up.

APD Cart installation guide

  1. Enter your eWAY Customer Id in the Admin panel of APD Cart
  2. Click Save
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How it works with eWAY

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