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Siteflex is a comprehensive solution for rapid website setup and user-driven content editing. Siteflex makes it extremely easy for you to set up and manage your website with no prior technical knowledge. You will be able to update news feeds, design web forms and create highly focused direct marketing content with ease and confidence.

Siteflex is also fundamentally linked to Google. You will be able to track your websites performance with Google Analytics and Googlebot technology will help get your website noticed faster. Siteflex also notifies Google whenever your website is updated to keep driving new traffic to your business.

Why use Siteflex?

Siteflex highly versatile and supports all kinds of website designs and types. Siteflex can support the simplest website design structure to the most complex flash driven site. Once you have a domain Siteflex can help you set up your business, our servers will always be online to support you.

Siteflex helps you grow your business through our TrickleUp program. TrickleUp provides minor enhancements periodically to upgrade the useability of your system. Improving your website substantially over time. Siteflex will upgrade your website over time as your business grows, supporting you throughout the process.

Siteflex installation guide

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How it works with eWAY

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