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About AShop

The fun way to manage and promote your online

AShop is one of the more popular hosted shopping carts out on the market. AShop is great for beginners and experienced eCommerce enthusiasts. You’ll be able to control your online store without the need of hiring developers.

AShop is popular due to it’s innovative software (ongoing updates are free) and flexible designs which means your online store can reflect the uniqueness of your business. Each design element can be controlled from each pixel to font and there’s nothing to download. Everything is online which means you can access your online business and control it from wherever you are!

Using this shopping cart is absolutely easy, you don’t even need to know HTML. When you get AShop you’ll be equipped with manuals, movies and more to get you started.

Why use AShop?

AShop is completely intuitive, so much so that you won’t need any experience prior to setting up your online store. AShop has cost effective options when it comes to their pricing scheme, you can choose the package which suits you best and the length of your contract.

Best of all, AShop is completely web based. This means you don’t have to install any programs on your computer before you use it. The backbone of the shopping cart is composed of award winning software. Users will be able to:

  • simply drag and drop to edit

  • connect with Facebook

  • enjoy built in live chats

  • customisable product reviews

Unlike many shopping carts, AShop offers 24 hour support so you’ll never have to be alone in times of need.

AShop Installation Guide

  1. Click the Add New Payment Method button from the left menu panel in your admin
  2. Select eWAY from the Payment Method drop down box
  3. Enter your eWAY Customer Id into the Gateway Specific Options field

Latest Offers from AShop

10 day trial

Reviews & Testimonials

“Excellent “out of the box” capabilities. Excellent free templates with plenty of room for your own creativity with simple drag and drop and other editing features, and even more flexibility if you know your HTML and CSS! Excellent SEO features and Google+/Facebook integration. And… best, and most important of all: Excellent, friendly, and very responsive customer service and technical support! I’d give these guys 10 shopping carts if I could!”
– Ken
“I’ve been using Ashop for over 4 years now. They introduced great deal of customization abilities for their customers in early 2010. Although there were a few bugs and issues with their newly introduced Ashop Version 2 interface at the beginning, their support did an excellent job to handle and solve all the issues we reported in very short time period. I feel very satisfied with the service and support they provide and I love the amazing flexibility of the software.”
– Felix Ramirez

Key Features

  • Sell directly on Facebook

  • Free ongoing updates

  • Comes with full marketing tools

  • Loads of free customisable themes

  • Extensive reporting tools

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