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Comersus allocates numerous resources to research, innovation and development. In this way, we identify new trends and adapt to constant changes. Many companies offer e-commerce as an additional service. Comersus has been exclusively dedicating to e-commerce for more than 10 years.

Why use Comersus?

Comersus Shopping Cart is a recognized and sophisticated software solution to sell products and services online. For a small web site with one product or a multishop with unlimited sellers, Comersus is the right choice.

Comersus installation guide

  1. Make sure you have the Power Pack that supports eWAY.
  2. Copy comersus_gatewayEWayForm.asp, comersus_gatewayEWayExec.asp and comersus_gatewayEWayIncludes.asp inside comersus/store folder.
  3. From Comersus Backoffice/Payments create a new payment method named Credit Cards with redirectionUrl pointing to comersus_gatewayeWayForm.asp
  4. In Comersus BackOffice > Settings > EwayCustomerID, Enter your eWAY Customer ID.
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How it works with eWAY

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