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About Aqua Websites

Comprehensive website coverage

So Aqua Websites are complete website designers. What that means is they don’t just give you a shopping cart, they’re also in charge of the domain name, hosting the website and equipping it with all the software it needs to run effectively. Those are the basics. Aqua Websites go beyond that, though, in their ‘Commerce’ and ‘Professional’ payment plans. These plans give you the capacity to sell online.

Aqua Websites started development in 2000. The software is updated frequently throughout the day updates, and the benefits flow on to Aqua’s integrated merchants. Aqua’s specialty is helping clients help themselves – providing all the initial instruction necessary, then letting clients stamp their own which then allows the client to maintain and manage their own site.

Why use Aqua Websites?

Aqua Websites boast an impressive range of features. Probably most important if you are not tech-savvy there is 24/7 technical support, as well as online video tutorials, an extensive user manual, and a website wizard that helps you with the website functions as you go.

An Aqua Websites solution also comes equipped with Search Engine Optimisation techniques, SEO friendly pages, advertising capability, and 7 Major Tips for Search Engine Ranking that you can apply yourself to further improve traffic to your website.

In addition, Aqua Websites provide comprehensive reporting tools and website statistics so you can analyse where you are making and losing money, and take action to improve things.

Aqua Websites Installation Guide

Simply enter your eWAY Customer ID into the ID field in your admin area and click on “SAVE.”

Key Features

  • Customise your site’s look and feel

  • Comprehensive reporting

  • Manage online contact with newsletters and emails

  • Search Engine optimised

  • Free 24/7 support

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