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GlobeCharge is a multi-service order-processing portal that enables online sellers to authorize, track and accept customer orders and electronic payments quickly and securely – since 1998. From multiple currency transaction and credit card purchases, through to reseller tracking, obtaining order statistics and coordinating product releases, GlobeCharge combines the efficiency of multi-gateway payment services with the added protection of a Secure Order-Processing suite.

Why use GlobeCharge?

GlobeCharge makes accepting and managing orders online easy by providing a secure online checkout process for online stores since 1998. We also help you manage your orders, minimize fraud and comply with PCI regulations.

GlobeCharge installation guide

  1. Select from menu Settings > Account Settings – make sure Email for Orders is correct, as well as other information and click the Submit button to save to database
  2. Register your shop by selecting Settings > Register Shop Details from the Menu
  3. Enter the URL of your online shop and click Submit
  4. Setup your Payment Methods in GlobeCharge: select the menu Settings > Payment Methods Accepted
  5. Select Yes for automatic payment processor  and Click Next
  6. Select eWAY from the list of Payment Gateway
  7. Make sure you select the currency that matches ShopFactory, once set it cannot be changed in GlobeCharge, then click Next
  8. Under Payment Settings enter your eWAY Customer Id and Save.
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How it works with eWAY

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