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About HostBill

Complete client management, support and billing software for webhosts


  • Automated account provisioning.
  • Rich integrations with popular services, control panels & domain registrars.
  • Automated suspensions, cancellations, reminders & late-fees.


  • Recurring billing management.
  • Coupons, Estimates/Quotes, metered billing.
  • Configurable & flexible products.
  • Easy to use order forms.


  • Full client life cycle management.
  • Automated & configurable order processing.
  • Built-in affiliate system.
  • Client contacts management.
  • Support for multiple languages


  • Built-in email ticketing system.
  • Live chat with visitors Geo Location.
  • Easy staff collaboration tools.
  • Support tools including knowledgebase, downloads library, canned responses.

Why use HostBill?

HostBill was build based on few key goals, which were strictly checked during process of its development, and we pledge to keep them up during future improvements:

  • Simplicity is most important. Complex solutions dont make anyone’s life easier
  • We value performance – HostBill needs to be as fast as possible in every aspect, no exceptions
  • HB is and will be rich-featured, but always with balance with simplicity
  • End-user feedback is important, so every new feature request is taken under consideration

HostBill Installation Guide

  1. Navigate through Modules Management in the HostBill console
  2. Go to Payment Modules, and click on eWAY
  3. Activate, and then go to Edit Configuration
  4. Enter eWAY Customer Id and Save.

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Reviews & Testimonials

“Having been in the hosting industry for 9 years we have used almost every billing system available. The flexibility and customization of HostBill has made it the best we have used! The best part of HostBill is the ability to have the features we need developed for us in a short time period (and a reasonable fee). With too many of their competitors we’ve waited months/years for features that never materialize.”
– Matt Ayres (ToggleBox)
“Hostbill team never fail to amaze me with their knowledge and speed of support. Your actions today reminded me of why I chose to use Hostbill in the first place. I will continue to tell others about your company because there are very few if any like yours. Keep up the good work.”
– Martin Chan (
“HostBill professional help streamline and automate our processes to achieve significant savings in time and resources.”
– Nikolay Fokin (
“Our company was looking for a billing and customer management system that more tightly integrated with our VPS and hosting platforms. After researching several options, we found Hostbill to have the best feature set at an incredible value. Although it didn’t immediately integrate with our systems 100%, the Hostbill team was quick to provide some custom development at a reasonable cost. Our business is now running smoothly thanks to Hostbill and the Hostbill development team. Keep up the great work!”
– Brian Emerson (
“We used Hostbill to integrate our cloud billing, interface was very user friendly that we were able to complete the setup easily. Automation process worked with charm which reduced a good amount of work for our technical team. Being in a different time zone we have got the surprising quick support from Hostbill team also.”
– Abdul Vasi (
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Key Features

  • Domain management

  • Automation queues

  • DNS management

  • Invoice templates

  • Billing cycles

  • Ticketing system

  • Support for multiple languages

  • Developer friendly

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