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IASP’s robust e-commerce System includes the ability to manage and sell: products, tickets, membership subscriptions and access to downloadable files. IASP’s fully featured e-commerce applications are delivered as an integrated system within our enterprise level corporate website software solutiona. IASP’s e-commerce system includes the tools you would expect in an enterprise level solution.

Why use IASP?

The iASP™ Content Management System (cms), is a software application developed continuously since 1998 by Melbourne based technology company, Enotia Australasia Pty. Ltd.

The system is fun and easy to learn and use and allows web site administrators to manage their web site content and much more without any special technical skills.

All websites powered by the iASP™ cms are individually tailored to customer specifications and are securely hosted and fully supported by the Enotia team.

The system includes all the features you would expect from an enterprise level CMS and is one of the worlds first and only CMS applications that facilitates simultaneous publication of multiple versions to end users using a single domain name. The iASP™ cms identifies factors such as whether a visitor is viewing with a mobile phone or they have been referred from a specific source and automatically displays the relevant version to the visitor.

IASP installation guide

IASP provides complete integration to the eWAY payment gateway.

Please contact IASP directly for more information on integration.

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