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The Industry Leading ecommerce Software IXXO Cart is an extremely powerful php shopping cart and web site builder application. Designed from a marketing perspective, this ecommerce application is feature-packed, robust, scalable and easy to use. IXXO Cart Plus is the clear choice for serious merchants focused on rapidly and cost effectively deploying, managing and growing a successful web-based business. New users appreciate the easy-to-use tools designed to help set up their store quickly and effectively while experienced users love the ability to customize and manage our software to meet the needs of their growing business.

Why use IXXO Cart?

The built-in tools for attracting and engaging your customers are at the heart IXXO Cart’s design. This includes features such as optional express checkout; customer loyalty programs, integrated email marketing, and a new Facebook app that lets you leverage the power of social media by having your products ready for purchase within that media.

IXXO Cart installation guide

  1. Click on Payment Gateways menu link
  2. Click on Add New Payment Gateway
  3. Select eWAY Payment Gateway from the drop-down list
  4. Click on Activate
  5. Enter your eWAY Customer Id
  6. Click Save
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How it works with eWAY

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