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About LightSpeed

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LightSpeed is the future of all retail stores. LightSpeed’s fully integrated retail system offers a powerful range of sales workflows and a complete retail solution for iGeneration retailers. Experience interactive and stylish Point of Sale and management technology from your Mac, iPad and Mobile. LightSpeed technology can be used in multiple stores and by multiple users. LightSpeed combines powerful business logic and innovative Point of Sale technology to offer an enlightening retail experience.

Why use LightSpeed?

Lightspeed’s futuristic and sophisticated products have re-invented the in-store shopping experience by fully integrating a retail system management and point of sale app from your Mac, iPad and iPhone! LightSpeed’s iGeneration retail management tools can be used by multiple people, in multiple locations and are fully eCommerce-ready and extensible through a developer API giving you scope for your unlimited retail aspirations.

LightSpeed’s retail platform allows you to stand out in a crowded online marketplace. You will be able to upload products and images to the online store of your choice creating an online payment solution that is integrated fully with your invoicing and fulfillment workflows and mirrors your physical store. LightSpeed offers two eCommerce solutions to grow your store online. LightSpeed Web Store is Xsilva’s own online shopping cart offering easy setup and polished design. Alternatively, Magento’s industry leading shopping cart products offer a feature-rich and fully customisable solution with over 3500 add-on’s. 

LightSpeed Installation Guide

  1. Go to Tools > Web Store > Admin Panel
  2. Select Payment Methods
  3. Select eWAY
  4. Enter your eWAY Customer Id

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Reviews & Testimonials

“Lightspeed Retail for iPad is a great addition to our branded experience.”
– Dakota Hilton (DASH)
“Our customers love when it when our sales associates pull out a Lightspeed Mobile device to look up a product or create an invoice. They like the way it speeds up the transaction time, and makes the client/sales associate interaction more personal. We really put a strong emphasis on excellent customer service, and Lightspeed Mobile takes that to a whole new level!”
– Jean Shop
“With Lightspeed, we can easily access inventory and efficiently track sales across all our stores. It’s great to be able to switch from one store to another and monitor how business is doing throughout the day.”
– Denisse Cervantes (WILL Leather Goods)
“It’s much smoother than other software, and it’s easy to understand. Entering orders is really, really easy.”
– Stefano Venturi (Shutterbug)

Key Features

  • Easy Setup and Configuration

  • Turnkey solution

  • Wishlists and Gift Registries

  • Polished, Customizable Design

  • Open Source

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