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About MarketPress

The easiest to use, best designed and most powerful ecommerce / shopping cart plugin for WordPress today – guaranteed

MarketPress is the easiest to use, best designed and most powerful eCommerce / shopping cart plugin available for WordPress today. Developed from the ground up to make it simple to set up a stylish online shop, MarketPress has all the features you need

Why use MarketPress?

One of the main reasons we developed MarketPress was because, basically, all of the existing WordPress eCommerce plugins out there offer a pretty awful user experience, so we built a complete importer – allowing you to easily import your troublesome eCommerce store into MarketPress… hurrah!

MarketPress Installation Guide

  1. In the Payment tab, select eWAY
  2. Enter your eWAY Customer Id

Reviews & Testimonials

“Simple integration, intuitive interface and comprehensive configuration options make this the best e-commerce plugin.”
– Jim Nelson (Tripawds Blog Community)
“MarketPress is a wonderful plug-in and much easier than any other solution I’ve tried.”
– billkard
“I never dreamed it possible yet here I am doing it.. launching an etsy-style network using the marketpress premium plugin.”
– leedman (OMC Social Media Promotions)
“Super easy to use plugin! :-)”
– Jack Kitterhing

Key Features

  • Powerful shortcodes that you can use anywhere.

  • Checkout *without* having to be a site user.

  • Unlimited product variations.

  • Coupons, discounts and affiliate ready.

  • Custom personalization fields.

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