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Membrr is an ExpressionEngine module that lets merchants accept bills and other recurring payments like subscriptions. It’s perfect for membership websites, member-only content, paid directory listings, self-serve advertising sales, online magazines, and other websites with subscription billing.

With Membrr you get the backing of ExpressionEngine’s support network, yet you know you have the niche designing specifications to make selling subscriptions as easy as it is possible to be on the Internet.

Why use Membrr?

All subscription creations, renewals, cancellations, and expirations are handled automatically. Membrr makes simple auto-recurring billing an art form. You can even link subscriptions to ExpressionEngine members.

Membrr Integrates with ExpressionEngine via a simple thirty second installation. You can use template tags, extensions, and the control panel to integrate Membrr into your site.

Membrr installation guide

  1. Login to your Membrr OpenGateway control panel
  2. Select Setup New Gateway
  3. Enter your eWAY Customer ID, Username and Password
  4. Save and test your checkout.
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How it works with eWAY

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