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About Neto

E-commerce solutions for the future

Neto is an innovative e-commerce solutions provider, offering both ‘off the shelf’ and ‘configurable’ solutions to online retailers. Neto has been delivering world class e-commerce websites to businesses across the globe since 2007. They’re an Australian company, focused on delivering a scalable product that will grow as your business does.

Neto do both shopping cart software and website design. They run an Ajax shopping cart which features the ‘add-to-cart’ feature to speed the checkout process up.

Why use Neto?

Neto is feature rich, with thoughtful marketing products like email newsletter capability. The product is also SEO optimised with unique URLs to deliver more traffic to your website from Google searches for specific products.

Neto Installation Guide

  • Login to your Neto Dashboard

  • Navigate to “Setup & Tools”

  • Click “complete setup” and select eWAY, and continue Enter your Rapid API Key, and Rapid API Password (don’t know where these details are)?

  • Choose your card types () and select “Live” mode

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Reviews & Testimonials

“We process hundreds of orders everyday with our Neto suite. What used to be a manual, time consuming process is now seamless and worry free. The labor savings alone made the switch worth while.”
– Eli Raskin (Bluepod Coffee Co)
“We have been a client for 3 years and have never had one regret. Neto allows us to integrate with our sales channels in ways we never thought possible. Ths support team has a real understanding of ecommerce.”
– Sue (Ausjet)
“Thanks to Neto we were able to roll out a successful coupon based marketing campaign to hundreds of thousands of Australian families. Our business is booming and Neto is supporting this growth.”
– Monica (The Sticker Family)
“We had a number of customisations that were no problem at all for the Neto team to handle. We are more than happy to recommend them to anyone. Neto has also managed to save us on additional staff costs.”
– Lionel (Middlemass Group)
“Moving over to Neto was fast and stress free. We see Neto E-commerce Solutions as the clear industry leader in integrated E-commerce software and an important part of our development into the future. I highly recommended Neto to everyone!”
– Neil (Barkcontrol)
“If you are looking for an all in one eCommerce solution that truly does it all, then look no further than Neto. The ongoing product support and development we receive from Neto is as good as it gets! I would recommend them.”
– Ben (Hosepro International)

Key Features

  • Shopping Cart Software

  • Warehouse Management Software

  • CRM Software

  • Fully Integrated With MYOB & Exonet

  • Shipping Dispatch Software

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