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Ozcart is a feature packed ecommerce system for Australian businesses wanting to sell online. Ozcart includes everything you need to run a successful online business. All Ozcart websites include a custom design. Custom designs can be either fully custom or personalised from stunning base designs.

Why use Ozcart?

Ozcart® hosted shopping carts help Australian small businesses compete with the biggest players in their industries by focusing on the thing that will make the best first impression with store visitors: the design. We put our own specialist ecommerce experience in running real online shops to work – by creating store designs that are both functional and appealing to customers. Ultimately, we aim for you to sell more products.

Ozcart installation guide

  1. Go into the OzCart Administration menu and click Payment Methods
  2. Scroll down to Credit Card via eWAY and enable this option
  3. Click Edit, and enter your eWAY Customer ID under and eWAY Username (email address). 
  4. Press Save – That’s it you’re done!
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How it works with eWAY

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