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About Pegboard

The web designer’s edge

The Pegboard Platform is a stable, powerful, full-featured CMS, eCommerce, eMarketing, mobile and Social Media software tool. It has been used by Pegboard’s international partner network to build thousands of creative, dynamic, integrated websites, eNewsletters and mobile solutions.

Pegboard has an extensive range of flexible and scalable modules that offer enterprise level functionality and features to handle your website requirements.

Pegboard’s eCommerce module provides the scalability, flexibility and features required for successful online business solutions. Pegboard provides rich eCommerce features that give organizations complete flexibility and control over the presentation, functionality and administration of their online channel.

Why use Pegboard?

Pegboard is not just another CMS product that is about building website templates with no outstanding differentiation. It is a complete business model for web design, marketing agencies and studios to take advantage of and to deliver outstanding outcomes to their client whilst maintaining strong growth and profitability.

Pegboard is unique. Why?

Because it allows your studio/agency to deliver a complete and holistic business plan and strategy to your client for their entire digital, marketing and online environment today and confidently into tomorrow.

Pegboard delivers full support and ongoing upgrades and product that enhances your offering to clients and that can be deployed instantly and seamlessly.

Pegboard Installation Guide

  1. Make sure you have obtained the PegboardCMS e-commerce module and installed it
  2. Activate eWAY from the list of gateways
  3. Enter your eWAY Customer ID in the matching field

Reviews & Testimonials

“It has liberated the way I deliver outcomes to my clients. I am able to get my team to become more independent and more productive which has allowed me to concentrate on growing the business.”
– Jon Mok
“In 2010 we jumped at the chance to extend our partnership with Pegboard to enterprise level. It was a major investment for a small business but we are so glad we did as it’s already paying off.”
– Jane
“Pegboard bundles limitless creative control and powerful website functionality into an easy to use package. It impresses my clients every time, and saves both time and money.”
– Nick Dube
“I rave about Pegboard to my colleagues and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any designer wanting to provide more technical websites to their clients.”
– Trish Gorring
“We just demonstrated Pegboard to an IT company. They came in with their IT guy to see if all was up to scratch, as they have seen a few of these in their time. They were blown away…it had everything they were looking for and more. Well done….we’re certainly happy at that kind of response. We always knew it was good and it was nice not to have to convince someone how good it is, they could see it for themselves.”
– Trent Turner
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Key Features

  • Maximize your income

  • Significant time saving in delivery

  • Enterprise functionality

  • Mature stable platform

  • Easy install

  • Brand neutral

  • Increased control

  • Host in your own environment

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