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With over 15yrs development PowerSites Store allows and empowers people to manage, products, orders and sales reports via an easy to use web based interface. Delivery to marketing is fast with the added hosting and support of a national, proven, trusted team of experienced professionals. Talk to an expert today and start selling on 1300 852 189!

Why use PowerSites Store?

Our E-commerce PowerUps, including PowerSites Store, are designed to help you develop sales revenue from your website. They range from the full retail presentation of goods and services in a highly functional online store to the various methods of securely processing payments from your online clients. We have also included the revenue streams of advertising and the sales of related products from affiliated sites.

PowerSites Store installation guide

Simply login and click the ‘eWAY’ link and enter your eWAY Customer ID number. Submit and your done. Too easy!

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How it works with eWAY

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