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  • Linking to eWAY:
    Select eWAY as gateway method and your eWAY Customer ID.
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    From USD19.95 per month
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    Web Builder

    Mobile / M-Commerce

    Shopping Cart


Want to test this shopping cart? Use eWAY’s free Sandbox environment.

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About QuickBizSites

Build stunning websites with our easy to use system.

Websites – fast, friendly and affordable! QuickBizSites includes everything you need to manage your business. Our site management interface puts all of the tools right where you need them. Coupled with our reliable, state of the art hosting data centers, your site will put you on the path to success.

With QuickBizSites, you can easily setup your products and configure your website, allowing you to create a viable store presence on the Internet.

Why use QuickBizSites?

Shopping cart – Fully integrated shopping cart that enables you to sell your products online. Includes advanced shopping features such as mobile, social, rewards, shipping, coupons and inventory.

Ecommerce admin – The store admin area will allow to you easily manage your customers, products, and orders.

Shopping features – Includes advanced shopping features such as mobile, social, rewards, shipping, coupons and inventory.

Website and design – Create blogs, calendars, message boards, chat rooms and photo galleries with the most advanced site editor system available.

Communication and email – Integrated mailing list, email accounts, notifications and auto-responders.

Search and marketing – The marketing area features integration with Google webmaster tools and built in SEO tools, such as keywords, meta tags, sitemap generation and search engine submission.

Expert support – Our experienced support staff and online tutorials give you the tools you need to help you with your store.

Reliable hosting – An integrated Content Distribution Network results in reliable hosting and high performance.

QuickBizSites Installation Guide

  1. Navigate to ‘Setup store’
  2. Click through to ‘Payments gateway’
  3. Choose ‘eWAY’ from the drop-down list of gateways
  4. Enter eWAY Customer ID
  5. Click ‘Apply changes’

Reviews & Testimonials

“Just what I was looking for! My client’s site was up in a fraction of the time it would have taken me in the past.”
– QuickBizSites Customer
“After some months using your services, I am sure I made the best choice. In spite of not being able to program using html, I can easily manage my website content. Your services (mainly the support team) fulfill all my expectations.”
– QuickBizSites Customer
“QuickBizSites has, quite literally, established my small business from the ground up.”
– QuickBizSites Customer

Key Features

  • Affiliate tracking

  • Coupons and gift certificates

  • Customer rewards

  • Product reviews

  • Related products

  • Import and export store data

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