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About redSHOP

The leading Joomla integrated eCommerce solution

redSHOP is a free shopping cart system that’s been designed specifically for Joomla. With extensions, you’ll be able to make bank transfers easier and integrate with heaps of different options. With over 10 different language add-ons, you’ll be able to maintain your website in your favourite language.

You can go even further and personalise your website by installing heaps of clean templates. Make any website look professional. See why 30 million people have downloaded redSHOP and get a fully flexible eCommerce solution for your website today.

Why use redSHOP?

redSHOP has heaps of essential and advanced functions every good online business should have. You’ll be able to manage your stock and even check each stockroom’s delivery time. Let your customers experience the best of eCommerce by implementing:

  • Gift cards
  • Sound customer service
  • Limited time vouchers and coupons
  • Product zooming

Don’t let your competitors get ahead of you, get redSHOP and differentiate yourself from them today!

redSHOP Installation Guide

  1. Purchase and install the eWAY Rapid payment plugin from redSHOP
  2. To install the eWAY payment plugin you must first go into the Payment Gateways section in the administration, and add the plugin which is a compressed file
  3. After the installation, eWAY will appear in the list of payment gateways
  4. Activate the plugin and enter your eWAY API Key and Password

Reviews & Testimonials

“redSHOP is an amazing e-commerce system, created by an amazing Joomla oriented company. The template system alone is light years ahead of VirtueMart’s madness. Then there is the matter of shopper ACL and advanced mail functionality. It supports everything that VirtueMart claims to support, yet redSHOP actually follows through and functions properly! The Team is amazing and very attentive to its user base, they actually implement feature requests! It’s amazing! And to top it all? The license is GPL, what you pay for is support, and you get it. Excellent!”
– Leone Narravo
“After experimenting with a few other leading e-commerce components, I took the plunge and bought a subscription so I could download redSHOP. I’m so glad I did! It’s very easy to customize and has tons of features. Most importantly, the support is incredible as other reviewers have mentioned – the redCOMPONENT team answers questions in the forum promptly, and they also work hard to incorporate new features that users have requested. Overall, redSHOP is light years ahead of the other e-commerce systems available for Joomla.”
– Michael Schmidt
“redSHOP is so easy to understand. The backend menu seems to be designed for beginners like me, and let me really go deep into every setting without any problems!”
– Susan Port
“I wanted something that works and I’m so glad I’m using redShop. Installation is easy and redSHOP has many features that you can configure. One of the most important thing is support. And I can honestly tell you that the support is great. You get an answer very fast. Even when you ask a silly question when you overlook something – you always get a reply. So if you are looking for a shop with interesting features and very good support then you just found the right one. There is also a feature request forum where you can request new features and in a couple of months a lot has been added! Great work guys.”
– Scott Johnson
“I signed up for this component last week and it has been excellent so far. The only other shop site I had setup previous to this was with VirtueMart which I found very difficult. With redSHOP, I have a reliable solution which is improving weekly. The support is excellent and new features are being added all the time. I found their templating system a lot easier to use than flypages and I have been able to get a unique looking – and how I want it to look – site up and running within a week. It’s been a while since I have actually been this impressed with a project. I recommend it for all levels of abilities.”
– Martin Lundsø
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Key Features

  • Unlimited amount of products

  • Supports coupons with a time limit

  • Templates for emailing newsletters

  • CSV/XML importing and exporting

  • Stock management and control tools

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