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About Socket

Save time quoting and spend more time playing golf.

Socket was founded on the principle that technical finesse, business strategy, communication, and plain old hard work can be intertwined to deliver cost-effective, successful business systems.

Socket lets you quote and sell products online with ease. We pride ourselves on being a great way to make your products and pricing more accessible to customers, while saving you valuable time, driving more leads, and increasing your sales.

Why use Socket?

Socket was founded in 2007 through a parent company Deversus. Deversus helps clients build, maintain, and enhance custom software and web applications that provide lasting value. Using our solid software development expertise, strategic process, and the latest technologies, we deliver high quality and cost-competitive solutions.

Socket allows you to automate your sales quotes with ease, accept payments securely online, track and manage your leads from one place and automatically funnel leads into your CRM software. You will be able to create the perfect shopping cart experience with Socket.

Socket Installation Guide

Log in to Socket, and head to Settings -> Payment Gateways. Create a new one, select eWAY, and enter your account information.

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Reviews & Testimonials

“Before Socket our quote process was confusing and time consuming. The quote process time has now been reduced by over 90%. This is due to the power…yet…simplicity of Socket.”
– Cary Yocum (Maintenance Connection)
“We used to spend about 10 hours per week calculating quotes in Excel, converting them to PDF, and e-mailing to customers. Socket’s automated quoting system has cut that time almost to zero and customers are now buying online without so much as a phone call. As a small company, that is extremely valuable.”
– Gord Walsh (GPS Commander)
“We are a long standing client of Socket and are very happy with the direction that they are heading in.”
– Lyle Patel (Horizon DataSys Corporation)

Key Features

  • Online quote form builder and instant online quoting system

  • Product configurator

  • Simple website integration including third party integrations

  • Easy to use interface

  • Lead generation and management

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