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Storesprite is an attractive and easy to use shopping cart software package experience suitable for anyone starting a business online. Build, maintain and manage the perfect online store using Storesprite’s php/mysql technology.

Storesprite makes it as easy as possible to design and deploy a top rate store, for FREE! Our products are released under a freeware license meaning you can download, install and use our awesome products under our copyright, free of charge. Although our products are extremely easy to use, we are happy to support you case of any speed bumps on your road to success. Storesprite features an online forum to help you find the answer to the most complex of problems.

Why use Storesprite?

Storesprite is a fully featured, scalable and customisable store front offering shoppers a convenient online experience. Storesprite allows you to access your account 24/7, integrate easily with eWAY and fully manage a successful online store with ease.

The computer coding knowledge learning curve isn’t steep with Storesprite! With our template & {TAG} system use your HTML and CSS to get a store live in a flash. Anyone can set up a shopping cart with our easy-to-use technology.

Storesprite installation guide

  1. Login to your control panel, visit the ‘Settings’ area, you will see a link to ‘Payment Methods’ on the flyout menu.

  2. Click on Payment Methods. You will see a list of the supported payment providers with a link to ‘Configure’ to the right.

  3. Choose eWAY and click ‘Configure’

  4. You will be presented with a form, enter your eWAY Customer ID and Username to complete the setup

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How it works with eWAY

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