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Synergy 8 is an all-in-one website and digital marketing platform. Combine website management, e-mail marketing, an integrated customer database and social media tools with our powerful e-commerce suite to amplify your digital marketing efforts and grow your business online. Synergy 8 is loved by customers all over the world for its ability to seamlessly bring together all the tools and features required to do business online. 

Why use Synergy 8?

  1. Save time by publishing content to web, social networks and e-mail from one place.
  2. Organically build your customer database through form submissions, newsletter sign-up and online sales.
  3. For peace of mind your website and data is securely hosted on Australian Cloud servers, up-to-date and automatically backed up.
  4. Track customer interactions from referral to conversion and get a better understanding about what’s working well.

Synergy 8 installation guide

1. Generate your eWAY Client Side Encryption Key and API Key and Password

2. Within Synergy 8, go to Configuration –> Payment Methods. Enable Credit Card. Select eWAY, then paste the three configuration values for API username, password, and client encryption key. Press Save

3. Run a test transaction by processing a manual sale under Commerce –> Sales

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How it works with eWAY

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