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About VStore.ca

Free Shopping Carts & eCommerce Website Solutions

Many web store creation, management and eCommerce web hosting services have hidden costs, not VSTORE.ca. Our products are not a trial or limited time offer you can have your own free eCommerce solution, including a free sub-domain, free shopping cart, free eCommerce web hosting and free advanced eCommerce website design and creation tools.

By using our simple yet powerful web-based online store customization, administration, and management tools you can be running your own professional eCommerce website and accepting orders in under one hour.

Why use VStore.ca?

VSTORE.ca’s exceptional products offer the most comprehensive and complete eCommerce solutions for free. Your online store will be user-friendly for your customers and for you, we are so convenient we will even have you on-line in an hour.

You will be instantly impressed by our account maintenance and ordering tools, secure transactions, and product search capability. With VSTORE.ca’s impressive interface for retrieving complete orders with credit card validation and real-time UPS/USPS shipping included, shopping online has never been this easy!

VStore.ca Installation Guide

  1. Go to ‘My Store’ under ‘Configuration’ in your Vstore panel
  2. Click the Payment Modules Section
  3. Find eWAY and activate
  4. Enter your eWAY Customer ID and click save

Reviews & Testimonials

“Whether you want a free web store or a Premium web store, what you get for the price with vStore will exceed your expectations. vStore’s customer support is second to none and far superior to most. Other web hosts could learn something from vStore’s attention to their customers.”
– DOC (http://www.agiftrack.com)
“I was looking for an on-line store to compliment my high street shop and I could not believe my luck when I found www.Vstore.ca – it was exactly what I needed to get me started. In just a month I have managed to put together a professional website that some companies were trying to charge me thousands for! Even for me, it took very little time to get it up and running. The benefit of managing an on-line store like VStore is that you can quickly change it and add items on an ad-hoc basis. Great software package!”
– Maxine (http://www.chinabasics.co.uk)
“I did not really realize how lucky I was to have signed up for a free vstore.ca until I did a web search on ecommerce websites. That is when I discovered there are no other free ecommerce sites and most available sites cost much more than the premium vstore service. I previously had a website to sell my scroll saw patterns which I had to have built and maintained for me. Since finding vstore.ca I have been able to set-up and maintain the site myself. I even had one fellow business web site owner contact me asking about my business because to him “my store site looked like one of those big money making operations”
– Ron
“The thing with VStore is that they really know how to make you feel at home and like you are part of a really big family.”
– Mark Finnegan (Fhaso Gifts)
“I have compared the regular osCommerce to the osCommerce found on VStore and it’s hard to believe the benefits of getting your store hosted by Vstore. When joining, you are greeted by a community of store owners willing to help you and a wonderful and knowledgeable staff. When deciding on who to use for your web store hosting, keep VStore on the top of your list”
– Wayne McDaniel (xD Anime)
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Key Features

  • Customer order and account management

  • Professional shopping cart

  • Product reviews

  • Advanced security

  • Cross sell tools

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