Additional Services

We are more than just a payment gateway and want to make sure your entire site is secure. As such, we offer not only cheap SSL, but also fraud alerts so you are notified if anything looks fishy.

Beagle ID allows you to customise the information displayed on your customers credit card statement, increasing your brand awareness and increasing customer assurance.

Having this option also helps reduce chargebacks even further, removing any confusion from customers over charges on their bank statements.

By using eWAY’s Beagle ID service, you can include your business name, a transaction reference number or your website details. Beagle ID is only available to NAB merchants at this time.

MYeWAY Beagle ID


  • Increase brand awareness by including company details on your customers credit card statement
  • Minimise chargebacks and confusion
  • Reflect products purchased for customer reference