Is your online business ready for Click Frenzy?

Click Frenzy is fast approaching, which means now is the time to be getting your online store primed and ready for one of the biggest selling opportunities of the year. Last year sales increased 45% for some businesses during Click Frenzy. You can expect increased traffic through your store, more stock being sold and additional pressure on your entire system from ordering all the way through to delivery.

To keep your store running smoothly through Click Frenzy and maximise your selling potential, we’ve put together a list of the top nine things you can do to ensure your sale will go off without a hitch.

1. Make sure your website can handle the traffic load

During huge sale times like Click Frenzy, your website will experience much higher traffic than usual. Making sure your servers can handle the increase of visitors will be vital in ensuring your website won’t crash, meaning you won’t miss out on all those extra sales.

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2. Make sure you have enough stock

Doing a thorough stocktake now will make sure you know exactly what you can sell, how much and for what kind of discount. Making sure you’ve got enough stock for after the sale as well is important so you can go back to business as usual afterwards.

3. Make sure everything is connected and running smoothly

There’s nothing worse than thinking you have everything ready to go only to find out your online store doesn’t integrate properly with your payments system, or your inventory system. Making sure everything is connected properly now means things will run smoothly come Click Frenzy time. Checking everything now means that your store will reflect accurate inventory so you don’t fall into the trap of selling stock you don’t have on hand.

4. Make sure your delivery system is prepared

Ensure your delivery system is ready to handle the increase in online orders. The last thing you want to do is promise a certain delivery timeframe, only to find out you won’t actually be able to deliver your products when expected. Nothing makes customers turn against a brand faster than underdelivering on your promises. Starshipit is an integrated shipping and tracking software that works with some of the most popular shopping carts. It also comes with lots of other integrations that will enable you to streamline your entire fulfillment process and works with carriers like DHL, Australia Post and Startrack.

5. Make sure your payment process is seamless

Making sure you can take payments, quickly and efficiently should be a major focus during Click Frenzy. Given the time constraints of the sale and the pressure to purchase everything they want as quickly as possible before stock sells out, customers want a secure and painless payment process. If your online store’s payment system doesn’t work as expected customers will quickly abandon your store in search of a competitor’s store. eWAY’s online payment gateway integrates with many of the most popular shopping carts to provide a seamless payment experience. eWAY’s online payments are quick and easy to set up with low rates and fixed transaction fees.

6. Make sure your store is mobile optimised

According to Global Data 59% of eCommerce transactions took place on mobile devices, which means you need to consider how your customer’s journey looks from a mobile perspective. From the moment they arrive on your site till their payment is processed and they have their product, you need to ensure their experience with your brand, whether on desktop or mobile device is simple and easy. Besides having a responsive layout for mobile devices, make sure your special offers and products are front and centre, don’t hide them away down the page. Keep text short and sweet, let your images speak for themselves to increase click-through.

7. Reassure your customers your website is safe

A survey conducted by Global Sign found that 84% of customers will abandon a purchase if they don’t think the website they are on is safe. Let your customers know their private information is secure by displaying security symbols (like the eWAY site seal) on your website.

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8. Take steps to protect your store from fraudulent orders

In all the rush and craziness that comes with a big sale, it’s hard for owners to monitor all transactions coming through for fraud. Cyber criminals take advantage of events like Click Frenzy to launch card skimming attacks and other scams. Making sure your payment system is equipped with anti-fraud protection means you can focus your attention where it’s needed, and leave fraud detection to the professionals. eWAY’s Beagle anti-fraud protection blocks potentially risky transactions and sends you email alerts when it detects suspicious transactions.

9. Have a backup plan

With so much going on, there’s a lot of things that can go wrong. Double checking all the details now can save you a lot of hassle come Frenzy time. Having backup plans in place will ensure you’re not left high and dry and missing out on sales. If you sell through one particular item, make sure you’re offering up another deal ASAP to take its place. If that’s not possible make sure you’re still offering something that will entice them to do business with you, discounts on shipping, further reduced prices, 2 for one deals.

Now you’ve got your list, it’s time to put it in action so you’re ready for Click Frenzy. If you’re needing help with your online payment needs, contact one of our payment experts on 1800 662 483 or enquire here.