Repeat customers: how to secure their business again and again

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It’s no surprise that attracting repeat customers to your online store costs you less than finding new customers. But what you may not know is that on average, keeping existing customers can cost you seven times less than acquiring new customers according to a Salesforce study. This is because repeat customers are easier to sell

Is your payment provider keeping up with your business?

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It’s expected that over time your business will change and evolve. Ideally your customer base will grow, your service will improve and your business needs will increase to meet your expansion. It stands to reason that your needs from a payment provider will change as well. If you’ve partnered with a platform that’s designed to

Is your eCommerce business ready for artificial intelligence?

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Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your business may sound complicated or expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. The thing is, implementing AI can be as simple as leveraging an existing tool, like your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or eCommerce platform, to suggest particular products to customers and generate email recommendations through machine learning. Now

What to consider when setting up Google Ads for the first time

Setting up google ads

Using Google Ads to advertise your products or services is a common online marketing channel used by most eCommerce businesses. If you’re considering using Google Ads for your business and aren’t sure where to start, we’re going to walk you through the key elements you should consider to make the most of this platform. But

How to choose the best eCommerce platform for your store

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An eCommerce platform is the backbone of every online store, from managing your customer relationships, to managing your inventory and warehouse fulfillment. As it serves so many critical functions of your operations, it can become one of the biggest factors that affects how your business can scale and grow.  Why is that? An eCommerce platform

What has the steep learning curve of COVID-19 taught Aussie businesses?

What has the steep learning curve of COVID-19 taught Aussie businesses

The COVID-19 outbreak has had severe impacts on many if not all industries operating in Australia and across the globe. With restrictions placed on travel and leaving the home, there has been a considerable impact on consumer demand and behaviours — particularly the huge reliance on being able to buy online. Some businesses, however, thrived