eWAY Capital

We are really happy to be partnering with these trusted lenders. It’s quick, simple, and integrated​. I believe it will have a significant impact in bolstering Australian eCommerce.

What Can I ​use the Loan for?

 Through eWAY’s partners, Kikka Capital or Moula, you can have access to up to $​250,000 in unsecured loans to help you invest in your business growth.
Make your business dreams a reality and start building upon your business success today.

Don’t let opportunities pass you by.

Access the funding you need today to:

  • Purchase stock
  • Purchase equipment
  • Market your products
  • Expand your business locations
  • Hire new staff
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Bridge your receivables gap
  • Take your business in a new direction


​eWAY Partnerships

As the premier payment provider and a widely recognised expert in eCommerce, eWAY ​understands that cash flow is the main obstacle for small business growth. That’s why we’ve partnered with Kikka Capital and Moula, Australia’s most trusted lenders. With extensive experience, excellent customer service and a future-focused outlook, ​their partnerships with eWAY can provide ​a quick cash injection that your small business needs. Together, eWAY and Kikka or Moula can offer a service that is quick, simple, and integrated.

Get ​Approved in as ​Little as 7 ​Minutes!

    What information is required?

  • Some basic information about your business
  • Your ABN or ACN
  • Business Director’s drivers licence
  • A few personal details
  • Your business bank account details

​Does your business qualify?

  • Business revenue of $100,000+ over the last 12 months
  • Business trading more than 1 year
  • Australian business bank account
  • Registered Australian business address
  • Active eWAY Customer

Funding your ​Business has ​Never ​Been ​More ​Easy.​ Helpful.​ Human.

Seamlessly integrated with your eWAY account, both Moula and Kikka Capit​al will enable you to grow your business quickly and easily.
As always, we are here to help you every step of the way.