Simple SDKs

eWAY is the easiest way to accept payments in your app or on your website. Get integrated and start selling more, faster - in a range of languages using the eWAY SDKs, helpful documentation, and 24/7 support from real humans. eWAY - with you every step of the way.

Client SDK

eWAY’s eCrypt methods are included so that sensitive data can be secured in the app if merchants wish to process payments on their own server. What’s more, with eCrypt, it is even easier for the merchant to become PCI-DSS compliant to take payments.

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Sample iOS Payment

  1. transaction = [[Transaction alloc] init];

  2. Customer *customerObj = [[Customer alloc] init];
  3. CardDetails *cardDetails = [[CardDetails alloc] init];
  4. cardDetails.Name = @"Nico Vulture";
  5. cardDetails.Number = @"378282246310005";
  6. cardDetails.ExpiryMonth = @"10";
  7. cardDetails.ExpiryYear = @"19";
  8. cardDetails.CVN = @"836";
  9. customerObj.CardDetails = cardDetails;
  10. transaction.Customer = customerObj;

  11. Payment *payment = [[Payment alloc] init];
  12. payment.Payment = 100;

  13. transaction.Payment = payment;

  14. [RapidAPI submitPayment:transaction completed:^(SubmitPaymentResponse *submitPaymentResponse) {
  15.  NSString *submissionID = submitPaymentResponse.SubmissionID;
  16. }];

Sample Android Payment

  1. Customer customer = new Customer();
  2. CardDetails cardDetails = new CardDetails();
  3. cardDetails.setCVN("349");
  4. cardDetails.setName("Kale Arugula");
  5. cardDetails.setNumber("4556761029983886");
  6. cardDetails.setExpiryMonth("09");
  7. cardDetails.setExpiryYear("2020");
  8. customer.setCardDetails(cardDetails);

  9. Payment payment = new Payment();
  10. payment.setTotalAmount(1000);

  11. Transaction transaction = new Transaction();
  12. transaction.setCustomer(customer);
  13. transaction.setTransactionType(TransactionType.Purchase);
  14. transaction.setPayment(payment);

  15. final SubmitPaymentResponse response =
  16. RapidAPI.submitPayment(transaction);

Benefits for you & your clients

    Simple coding and reduction in development time – a payment can be created with only a few lines of code.
    Native support for Android and iOS.
    Safe and secure: eWAY’s eCrypt methods are included so that sensitive data can be secured if merchants wish to process payments on their own server.
    Easy testing: easily switch between production and sandbox when testing.
    Process payments directly from any mobile device.

The rise of mobile payments

    Get on board now and experience the mobile payments boom!
    Business Insider reports that the total worldwide value of transactions using mobile technology is expected to grow to $173 billion in 2017 (from the current $35 million).
    Forrester predicts that remote mobile payments will be the largest area of growth over the next five years in eCommerce.
    According to this recent Yahoo report, 2014 saw a 174% increase in mobile usage for online shopping and leisure.
    Want to learn more? Check out this article by DialogTech about how smartphones are transforming the eCommerce industry.

eWAY makes it easy for us to process and manage payments. They have an SDK that my developers liked working with and their payment management tools are very easy to use.

Dean Van Es, Managing Director FastCover