Anti fraud solutions that give you peace of mind.

Using eWAY's anti fraud product - Beagle Fraud Alerts Enterprise - you can get on with running your business in the comfort of knowing that eWAY has your back.

Beagle Fraud Alerts Enterprise uses ReD (Retail Decisions) to deliver industry-leading fraud prevention and checks every transaction against a global database of card activity and automatically denies or challenges suspicious transactions, meaning you get peace of mind, with more time to focus on what's important to you - growing your business.

Beagle Fraud Alerts Enterprise is a fraud management tool that is unique and exclusive to eWAY. We understand that you need to totally smash charge backs for your business and collect those profits that are rightfully yours.

Beagle ID

Beagle ID allows you to customise the information displayed on your customers credit card statement, increasing your brand awareness and enhancing customer assurance. This can include your business name, a transaction reference number or your website details. Beagle ID is only available to NAB merchants at this time.

How this will work for you:

  • Grow brand awareness by including company details on your customers credit card statement.
  • Minimise chargebacks and confusion.
  • Itemise the products purchased for customer reference.

API Reference:

Beagle ID