Beagle Essential

For merchants who need enhanced fraud prevention at an affordable price, Beagle Essential gives you more ways to screen your incoming transactions for fraud, saving you time and reducing business losses.

Leveraging the ReD Shield anti-fraud database of credit card transactions powered by ACI Worldwide, Beagle Essential checks for hundreds of different fraud possibilities.

Some features of Beagle Essential include:

Industry-specific Rules

Choose from one of 8 pre-defined fraud prevention profiles best suited to your industry and business.

Real-time Screening

Transactions are monitored and flagged in real-time, with instant alerts sent as soon as suspicious activity is detected so you can act fast.

Fraud configuring

Beagle Essential enables you to challenge or deny a transaction whilst giving you the opportunity to set up your preferred action and alert preferences.

Beagle Essential is available right now for Rapid API merchants at a low monthly rate (charged annually), with no additional transaction fees or setup costs. To get started contact our customer support team via phone or live chat, or simply lodge a request in MyeWAY under Settings > Beagle Essential (or Fraud Alerts / Enterprise).

For more information on Beagle Essential’s features and benefits visit our documentation here.

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