Beagle Ultimate

Beagle Ultimate is a VIP pass to the most advanced and customisable fraud prevention features available. To deliver this, eWAY has partnered with global anti-fraud specialists, ACI ReD Shield, to deliver a personalised and automated fraud solution for your business.

Custom rules

Block fraudsters effectively and in real-time, while only letting real customers through. Beagle Ultimate gives you access to advanced monitoring and custom rules, allowing you to fine-tune your fraud prevention to suit your business.

Automated rule updates

Once set up, your Beagle Ultimate plan is automatically updated with the latest knowledge on fraud prevention, so your business is always one step ahead of fraudsters.

Fraud management consultant

Beagle Ultimate provides you with a one-on-one consultation from our global fraud management partner, ACI ReD Shield. Experts from Red Shield will work with you directly to design and build effective fraud prevention rules for your business.


To find out how to integrate Beagle Ultimate with your business, simply contact us via phone or live chat to arrange a quote and consultation.

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