Fraud Essentials

Fraud Essentials allows you to choose from a selection of industry fraud risk profiles that match your business and gives you more tailored ways to screen your transactions.

It’s for merchants who need enhanced fraud prevention with more control, at an affordable price.

Check out the Fraud Essentials features below:

  • Industry-specific rules: Each of our industry profiles have a set of precise and predefined rules, Based on ACI ReD Shield’s deep industry experience and Artificial Intelligence (AI) data sets; 
  • Velocity checks: Detect card testing attacks or other transaction patterns to mitigate fraud with velocity checking.
  • Challenge transactions: Validate genuine cardholders by customising your risk score challenge settings. Decide when to challenge or deny a transaction;
  • Global expert analysts: A global team of 30 expert analysts work together to ensure that our partner’s ACI ReD Shield solution constantly adapts to changing patterns of fraud, anywhere in the world, while remaining perfectly tailored to each industry.


Fraud Essentials is available right now for Rapid API merchants at a low monthly rate (charged annually), with no additional transaction fees or setup costs. To get started contact our customer support team via phone or live chat, or simply lodge a request in MyeWAY under Settings > Fraud Essential (or Fraud Alerts / Enterprise).

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