Fraud Ultimate

Best suited for enterprise or fraud-conscious businesses, we have partnered with global fraud specialists, ACI ReD Shield, to deliver a personalised and automated fraud solution for your business.

This is our most advanced and customisable fraud prevention plan, for those who want to invest in the ultimate protection. 

Check out the Fraud Ultimate features below:

  • Fully customisable rules: Leverage custom rules and your own data to help fine-tune your fraud prevention.


  • Advanced monitoring: 24/7 fraud surveillance provides an added layer of security for you and your customers.


  • Automatic fraud rule updates: Tapping into over three billion data points in real time, Ultimate automatically updates and adapts its rules to the latest fraud trends seen across the globe to keep your business safe.


  • Dedicated fraud consultant: Consult with a dedicated fraud analyst from ACI ReD Shield, our fraud partner, to optimise the fraud protection tool for your business’ individual needs. 

To find out how to integrate Fraud Ultimate with your business, simply contact us to arrange a quote and consultation.

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