Features That Make Taking Payments Easy

Giving more payment options to your consumers is a proven way to increase sales and grow your business. eWAY's flexible, award-winning solutions make it easy to customise the payment process to suit your industry and your business.

Batch Payments

Avoid time consuming and costly administrative processes and let eWAY do the leg work with Batch Payments. If you have lots of payments to process you can upload multiple card numbers at once.

Transaction information passes directly through eWAY’s PCI-DSS Compliant servers, so you know that sensitive card data is secure. 

Save yourself processing time and get back to growing your business with eWAY Batch Payments. 

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Your business will benefit from Batch Payments:

  • If you need to process multiple payments of varying amounts

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Important Information

As of January 2015, The Payment Card Industry (PCI) has implemented new Data Security Standards (DSS) which require merchants taking card payments to complete a questionnaire about their security practices. To use this feature outside of a PCI compliant SaaS application you must complete the SAQ – D form.

For more information please view our page on the PCI-DSS SAQ forms and speak with your website developer and/or website host. You can also chat with eWAY Customer Support Heroes if you are unsure about which form you should complete.


API Reference:

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