Features That Make Taking Payments Easy

Giving more payment options to your consumers is a proven way to increase sales and grow your business. eWAY's flexible, award-winning solutions make it easy to customise the payment process to suit your industry and your business.


Everyday businesses waste time and money chasing overdue invoices. It hurts your cash flow, increases stress levels and weighs on your wallet. Seamlessly connect your business with your customers using eWAY’s exclusive and innovative PayThis online invoicing feature. 

PayThis makes it easier for your customers to pay you online however they want- so you get paid faster. For the quality and effectiveness of this service, eWAY was recognised with the Xero Add-On Partner of the Year Award. 

eWAY and Xero
Multiple ways for clients to pay   
One invoice multiple ways to pay

Online invoicing in real-time

Get flexible with the way you get paid. Using PayThis allows your business to accept online payments and seamlessly sync them with Xero’s online accounting system. PayNow users can easily switch to PayThis. Don’t have Xero? Get Xero free for 30 days.

  • Set and pass on credit card surcharges to the customer
  • Customers can pay using any device, anytime and anywhere
  • Accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal, Social Payments and MasterPass

 Xero online invoice

Using PayThis

Combine the powers of online invoicing and instant online payments to smash your receivable days and get paid faster.

  1. Email the invoice link to your client.
  2. Your client clicks PayThis and enters their credit card details.
  3. You receive your invoice payment instantly and the invoice is then marked as paid in your accounting software. It’s that quick and easy!

How Do I Setup PayThis with eWAY and Xero?

PayThis Features – Xero

Enhance your business with PayThis and Xero features:

  • Avoid lost invoices – access a record of when your customers have reviewed an outstanding bill online
  • Customise your invoices – add your brand logo to Xero’s professional invoice templates, or create your own custom designed template
  • Streamline your workflow – invoice groups of customers, create professional recurring invoices, and schedule bill payments

Social Payments is the new virtual wallet

Your customers only need to enter their credit card details once when they use social payments. Customers sign in with Facebook or use their phone to authorise payments while eWAY secures the payment. By using a Facebook login or mobile number they can retrieve credit card details that are stored within eWAY PCI DSS infrastructure.

​Xero eWAY Feed

eWAY has partnered with Xero to make reconciliation of invoices and the settlement of funds easier than ever before – with the Xero eWAY Feed.

On a daily basis, Xero will import the details of your eWAY transactions that are linked to your online invoices. This will mean you’re able quickly and easily reconcile all of your settlements with automatic linking back to your Xero invoices and statements.

Get started today to take advantage of ​eWAY and Xero’s seamless integration! 

API Reference:

Rapid 3.1 API

eWAY and Xero are amazing together. I’m sending bills and getting paid the same day. Having debtors is a thing of the past.

Mark Ratcliff, BMR Corporate Solutions