Swapping to eWAY is Easier than Ever

We have created a quick and ​simple process to switch your existing payment solution over to eWAY. It's easy to start selling more with ​our secure credit card processing. 


The eWAY Experience


Use eWAY with PayPal

Did you know ​that eWAY and PayPal work together? In fact on average, merchants using both ​payment systems increased their revenue by 37%.

Incredible Uptime

With incredible uptime from superior infrastructure and connections, you will never lose a sale or customer credibility due to downtime! ​In fact, we have an uptime of 99.98%.

Same Day Settlement

eWAY knows how important cash flow is for a business. That's why we don't hold your funds by offering a same-day settlement plan. 

Swap with NO ​Downtime

There's no need to worry about losing a sale ​during your switch to eWAY. The process is so simple, you won't experience any downtime!

What We Can Offer You


Get paid faster with same day settlement* 

Merchant protection to smash charge backs - with eWAY's global anti-fraud suite, Beagle Enterprise

30 day money back guarantee

NO contract binding periods or monthly minimums

NO setup costs

Access to our 24/7 dedicated eWAY Support Heroes - to help you every step of the way

​Swap Today


Your very own dedicated eWAY Success Manager will help you every step of the way and ​assist you in
choosing from our range of all-in-one, gateway, or face-to-face options to suit your business and support your growth.

Here's the Proof:


Kim Wingerei

I bought into my business and decided to use eWAY. Our Sales quadrupled and it gave us instant credibility on top of using PayPal to use a trusted provider like eWAY.

Kim Wingerei, Owner The Stylus Company

Since using eWAY with PayPal we've grown our online donations by over 70%. We love eWAY's smooth delivery of service. It's easy to use, efficient,and robust when in time of disasters. eWAY are able to handle a lot of volume without any fraud.

Juliette Wright, CEO / Founder Givit
Jesse Owens

My business revenue has grown at least 95-100% since adding eWAY as well as PayPal as an option for our customers. Some customers just don't want to pay via PayPal.

John Owens, CEO / Founder Boomerang Models
Kirilee Tilyard

We wanted to allow our customers to pay directly by credit card, by using the Rapid 3.1 Solution we have given them choice of credit cards and PayPal, eWAY made it so simple.

Kirilee Tilyard, Director nestling
Anne Briggs

My business has grown by over 50% since I've added eWAY for payments.

Anne Briggs, Account Manager / Director Solar Hot Water Parts
Leigh Thompson

eWAY helps us take credit card sales and traffic from customers that dont want to use Paypal. Since we've added eWAY, our sales have grown over 70%. 

Leigh Thompson, Owner & DeveloperVinner
Kiley Hay

eWAY is the easy simple solution to taking CC payments, having both eWAY & PayPal gives our customers options and we've since grown revenue by over 70%

Kiley Hay, Owner Baby Carriers Australia
Jayden Lawson

I've only recently joined eWAY, and have increased sales by approximately 30%. I'm using eWAY's recurring features and integration for online invoices.

Jayden Lawson, Director Sidekick Creative
Sean McGoldrick

eWAY provides our business with more customers because a lot of people do not want to sign up to PayPal to pay us. eWAY keeps my customers on my website, which is critical and helped us grow revenue by over 20%.

Sean McGoldrick, Director Macs Comics & Collectibles
Andrew Larcombe

eWAY helped us grow our revenue by approximately 15% through their automatic payments. It's given me more time to focus on growing our business because we aren't always chasing payments from customers.

Andrew Larcombe, Director Morbanx
Wayne Hughes

We've grown up to 20% with eWAY. As a small business eWAY allows us to use the online solution which is cheaper for them and us. 

Wayne Hughes, Business Consultant
Business Strategy Forum
Michael Randall

I love the eWAY solution and service, and the eWAY team are always there if needed. Since adding eWAY, we've grown revenue by over 500%.

Michael Randall, Managing Director
Abbey Cameron

I felt limited by what Paypal offered, so made the switch to use eWAY as well. I felt there was far more features/customisation that could be done with eWAY. I've seen a steady 20% increase since using eWAY and it's changed my business.

Abbey Cameron, Owner / Director Caveman Kitchen
Sophie Scott

More customers are choosing eWAY than PayPal on our checkout, since we've seen this our transactions have grown over 50%. In addition to our website, we also use eWAY's mobile payments which mean we can take sales at trade shows and fairs. eWAY is really easy to use. 

Sophie Scott, Director Little Kite

Having eWAY and PayPal means we can now capture 100% of all customers who wish to pay online. When we added PayPal we saw an immediate 15% increase in sales - which made a big difference to our business - so clearly this is of real value to our customers.

Jale Mills, Director
Gourmet Basket
Bryan Moore

eWAY gives us access to credit card paying customers to help grow our customer base by over 70%. We like the ease of setting up and integration to our website. The eWAY customer interface is good and their fees are very good and affordable. 

Bryan Moore, Owner & Managing Director
Electro Sports
Thomas Burford

I needed a simple alternative which would 'plug in' to my existing systems. Now I can accept both eWAY ​+ PayPal payment types with ease.

Thomas Burford, Managing DirectorHomeSprayTan.com.au
Danielle Shirley

Adding eWAY has had a significant impact to our business. The ease of payments in the past 12 months has added to the 60% increase in business we are seeing through the website.

Danielle Shirley, Chief Health OfficerNaturally Home
David Bailey

Since using eWAY we've grown credit card payments 20-30%. eWAY's integration with Xero is easy & awesome 

David Bailey, Director DB-Enterprises

Sales have grown substantially since we implemented eWAY for our credit card transactions on our website, up to 50%. The most pleasing aspect is that we are still continuing to receive high double digit growth with our eWAY transactions.

Andrew McDonald, Owner / Director Perfume Clearance
Chris Goder

eWAY has helped us grow, and increased our client base by 10%. The best thing about eWAY is that it's so easy and smooth. I'm a programmer by trade, and integrating eWAY was SO easy.

Chris Goder, Director Central Info
Ben Passalaqua

It's given people more option to pay, more people are choosing eWAY than PayPal - and it's grown our online payments by over 25%

Ben Passalaqua, Manager Teddingtons Australia